Easily spin multiple phone numbers for outgoing SMS messages ensuring 100% inbox success.

Enhanced phrasing for TellABot's back-end that is based off keyword triggers as well as expressions.

Phrasing overview:

Welcome message

Low/High weighing system for replying

'Global-Plot' for catch-all's to re-direct conversation/optimize conversion rates

Keep-Alives to restart conversations on auto-pilot

Use-Once keywords to only say a specific reply 1 time to avoid repetition

Ban keywords to avoid spamming.

Sorting orders and individual phrasing/keyword delays in seconds as well as global setting of randomized 60-90 seconds replies triggered when an incoming message was received.


Real-Time chat logs including the incoming phone number as well as the TellABot phone number conversing. ***Ability to over-ride the bot in real-time for quality control/optimized "human replies".

Real-time stats per phone number and date. Full financial stats for usage fees per SMS.

Test chat for artificial reply phrase testing and built in spinner test.

Ability to send outgoing messages in bulk from multiple phone numbers.

Ability to automatically enter incoming leads into a future followup campaign 100% automated that will send an outgoing message to your lead X amount of days after they have last sent a message.

Phrasing has the ability to use %MACROS% and easily spin replies and keyword triggers.


Text 9172318305 to see a LIVE DEMO 100% automated!