There are different pricing tiers depending on your volume but pricing starts with a  free level of support called Silver for any CPA program of your choice, just give us your lander link or iframe link and use one of our landing pages.  We are ready to open the doors to bring on clients.  We are offering a few different packages, for you to try the service.  The silver package is completely free for Tellabot, we only ask that you pay for phone numbers and pay SMS fees (see the pricing below for the different options).  Minimum deposit will be $100 to cover your cost of 10 or more phone numbers plus SMS fees.

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Select Your Pricing:

Silver (Try the bot for free just pay for numbers and SMS fees):

1 User

1 Campaign

$5 Per SMS-Enabled 30 Day phone #

0.02 per SMS

Free Start-up



1 Users

Unlimited Campaigns

$3 Per SMS-Enabled 30 Day phone #

0.015 per SMS

$99 Start-up



Unlimited Users

Unlimited Campaigns

$1.5 Per SMS-Enabled 30 Day phone #

0.007 per SMS

$500 Start-up