Yes, voip services like the ones that Skype or Google offers will work with the service but sometimes the transfer takes too long because of delays with these providers and websites will hang up.  If youre using Google voice you must have the call ring through directly and not have the screening function on.  What many clients do is buy a silver number from us for $2 and use the voicemail option where for 0.05 per voicemail, you will be able to listen to the code on the reporting section of linespan and also have a .WAV file emailed to you with the code.


if you use a skype or google voice number it will be at your own risk a website can  pick up on the delay and causes issues the only way to get email forwarding is using a landline number from your linespan account and making sure you have funds in the minute pool balance in order for the verizon numbers to work its .05 per VM


Watch this video to setup numbers for Voicemail